I wanted to give TWOP a second chance but…

First, read this post.

It’s wonderful what 8 hours of sleep does for you. I’m not as angry as I was last night, when I received a string of rude e-mails from TwoP’s notorious queen bee Bayliss, and not even when I opened my e-mail and saw that Serge, the head moderator, has (predictably) taken the man’s side and wrote a rude and condescending email in return.

You see, I generally enjoy the posts at TwoP. I usually hang out at the True Blood forums, and once upon did so at the Supernatural threads until it got way too negative and eye-rolling inducing. (I now hang out in the kinder, more fun supernatural.tv.) But True Blood forums were fun because posters were articulate and had so many theories about what could possibly be happening and they have interesting insights into the characters.

So I decided to have a look see to see what they’re up to today, and I see this sticky post at the top of the forum.

From Bayliss: Both of those are obvious at this point. If you’re a reader of the books, you know where to go. If not, talk about it here. Just stop effing playing with the rules, when we know damn well what you’re talking about.

From stevetolove: Sigh. Thank you for saying this. I like a mod who gently reminds of us why we are here. ;] (One of the many reasons I just registered on this site.)

I’m in for the ride – with both hands raised high!

So, basically Bayliss has put up a post praising his “generosity” and moderating abilities high up so that’s the first thing everyone sees when they log on. The amount of ego stroking involved is nauseating.

Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can tolerate such narcissism.

I’m outta there.

I do hope Bayliss will reach the mental maturity of a teenager one day, but I don’t see it happening.

You’ll probably be seeing me at The Blue Whale Pub instead. TwoP, I’m really gone for good. GOOD RIDDANCE.

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40 Responses to I wanted to give TWOP a second chance but…

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  2. jennifer says:

    I so agree with everyone regarding Bayliss. I wrote a reply to someone on the TrueBlood thread and mildly critizised the recaps. I was instantly deleted and warned about my response and bad typing ! apparently I hit the erase key too many times.
    I am trying to unsubscribe now.

  3. Marjorie says:

    How can so many people have been unfairly banned and Bravo not hear the volume of the voices and investigate and take action? I still say write, call, and get somebody to listen. Get Lauren Zalaznick to respond to these complaints. It’s time.

  4. yfunk3 says:

    I got warned twice by Bayliss/Jacob. First for saying how we should stay on topic in a Heroes episode thread then agreed with another poster about his/her assessment of a character (Bayliss/Jacob said I shouldn’t criticize other posters and then try to “pretend” to stay on topic…wait, what?). And just last night he dug up a WEEKS-old post on the TrueBlood forum.
    And is it just me, or are his recaps HORRIBLE and PRETENTIOUS? They are all over the place and made up of nothing, like he just wants to insert some random metaphors or comparisons to obscure, “intellectual” subjects to show off his intelligence? It’s unpalatable, and I had to stop reading them. After the first warning I was pissed off. After the second, I’m done with TWoP. Everyone who still loves TWoP is trying WAY too hard to post like Jacob, kiss his butt, or they give off the air of not having anything else to do in their lives but watch every single TV show and then ruminate deeply about every single aspect of all the shows. It’s too intense for me on all fronts, if you know what I mean. I just want to talk about my favorite shows, fer chrissakes.

  5. Drama Queen says:

    No, you’re not imagining stuff. I read a snippet of his recap and wasn’t sure whether I should laugh like a hyena or be depressed that he calls himself a writer. The man cannot write, period.

    I suppose that’s why he takes out his frustration on posters…

  6. Marjorie says:

    Why don’t you call NBC and try to get an interview with Dan Manu (director of TWoP) regarding the bans? Ask Mr. Manu if he supports all the bans which banned members think were not for seriously or intentionally breaking any dos or don’ts. He ultimately is responsible for the actions of those mods. Get him to go on record. He seems to be elusive but if David Frost got a sitdown with Nixon, anything is possible! lol

  7. Drama Queen says:

    You know, I would love to but I’m not based in America, and as a result, the media in my country may not be as interested in the issue, would result in my editor not being that interested in the story either. But you can never know what the future holds 🙂

  8. Dreamin76 says:

    I’m always happy to find posts about the awfulness/pretentiousness (sp?) that is Jacob from TWoP.

    I got hooked on True Blood and of course wanted to read some snarky recaps from my former favorite site TWoP. What I got instead were 30-35 pages of the most God-awful, obscure, “intellectual” (i’m swiping that from the above poster because it’s fitting) boring crap I’ve ever read. Most time he spends 2-3 pages off on tangents so off the mark that I’m surprised he can find his way back to the topic at hand. He’s also constantly getting character and what they say/did incorrect but I guess that doesn’t matter when you’re trying to show your readers how “deep” you are.

    He’s such a tool. I can’t really think of a better name for him, probably because I’m not as intellectual as he is.

  9. jennifer says:

    I am so in agreement Dream76,
    I snuck back to read the season finale recap of “True Blood”
    it was worthy of submission in a bad fiction contest.
    I am so tempted to post something highly critical just to time how fast Jacob/Bayliss deletes and bans me !
    There doesn’t seem to be anyone to complain to at the site.
    Too bad it used to be such good fun.

  10. mouse says:

    Jacob used to be my favorite; his tangents were more relevant, edited better, and generally more well constructed (look for his Farscape recaps to see what I mean). But now he is a power drunk little toad with delusions of grandeur (at best). He’s warned me in the past. Generally, I’d say I deserved it. But on the True Blood forums he behaves in ways that would get another user banned. I commented there on how pleased I was that a gay character was portrayed as a nice blend of butch vs. flaming (relative to most gay depictions on TV) and the post he wrote in return was so rude and presumptive about my viewpoint on the issue (for the record I’m bi and work in the LGBT community) that I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it.

  11. ross says:

    I got banned today, from the American Idol General Gabbery thread on TWoP, by TWoP Bayliss.
    I apparently got a warning last night, didn’t even see it, posted something else this morning and was banned.

    I was banned for “snotty and repetitive Idol chatter.” I’ve never posted a thing on TWoP that was anything other than polite, seriously.

    In this case apparently all I did was suggest that a lot of people criticizing an AI contestant may have misjudged the person’s behavior. I posted a clip from the show, and several other posters thanksed me for my clip and responded in a friendly and positive was to what I wrote, then I was warned and banned.

    I get the impression this nutcase, TWoP Bayliss, bans anybody who has opinions that differ from his.

    I have not posted on any AI thread before and have only posted on this one for about fiove times, I started last week. A couple of my posts conssited of only one or two sentences.

    Previously I posted on the Canadian Idol thread. I posted there for months without a note or warn. The moderator there is a great person named Strega. She has been helpful on a few occasions when I asked her questions. Her emails are polite and friendly. The Canadian Idol thread is a pretty obscure thread but is full of nice people who are left alone to write what they want by the mod.

    The AI thread and apparently other threads moderated by TWoP Bayliss are completely different and the warns/bans obviously make no sense. People posting there break the written rules and are left alone, while people who break no rules and are only trying to follow the rules as they understand them are banned without even a fair amount of warnings.

  12. Anakerie says:

    If you were defending Danny, that’s why. In Danny’s thread the mod actually posted flat-out that he’s been deleting the pro-Danny posts when someone asked why they never saw any. So reading it makes it seem like everyone hates him, because any messages that differ are immediately removed. I’ve been “warned” twice for daring to post that I want the guy to win. I mean, how dare I have an opinion different than Bayliss…what was I thinking?

  13. snoopval says:

    I have to agree I was warned the other day for saying in the Little People Big World thread- that a poster who thought Jeremy was cute “needs to get out more” I was warned for that. I wrote back a very polite email and was never given the courtesy of an email back. All this wouldn’t annoy me so much if on the FAQ they didn’t state that they can warn you for being a “dick” to me calling someone a dick is very offensive, more so than a joking comment. Also the fact that they often close down the real housewifes forums yet leave the Duggars forums up erks me too, it’s like if you have money they don’t want to mess with you which completly goes against there brave “Spare the snark, spoil the network” tag. Thank you for speaking out I thought I was alone.

  14. TWoP Mods are Mad says:

    Got warned twice by Bayliss/Jason too. It was for such stupid reasons, that I have to think he just gets a bee in his bonnet about something unrelated and then goes after posters he dislikes with a vengeance. Even that would be understandable – about three percent of the population has NAPD, and even more have bipolar disorder (get some help, Bayliss/Jason); but I’ve seen toddlers control their rage better than he does. Does he really need to eviscerate the people whose contributions and traffic are what keeps the site that pays him afloat? I don’t know of anyone who reads the swill they call recaps. Most people just want to find a decent forum community. The posters at TWoP seem intelligent; but they also seem brainwashed and afraid. There’s help out there for Stockholm Syndrome. I hope they get some soon.

    As for Bayliss/Jason, there’s a special firepit in hell for his type…Just kidding. Thought I’d see what it was like to have his personality problems for a moment. Get some perspective, TWoP mods, and some psychiatric help. I hope that site does go down in flames, though. Soon. What will they do when it’s over? Jason, I hear mall cop is a good career for delusional power-junkies. Maybe you can be an extra in Mall Cop II.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, really sorry that you guys had to go through all that. It’s funny how seriously they take themselves, huh?

    I’m also amazed that years after writing this post, people are still coming to this little page to talk about the craziness that go on in TWOP!

  16. Lady Shasha says:

    I just got my second warning from a mod on TWOP. The first was because I said that racist comments shouldn’t be allowed. I know that violates the “commenting about threads on threads”, but the person’s comment was Youtube level racist. That’s OK, but calling it out isn’t?

    Tonight I got warned because I dared to disagree with another poster. Our whole conversation was a polite debate. However our whole conversation was deleted and I got a warning, but the other poster didn’t. I guess the moderator agreed with the other poster.

    I don’t have a problem with TWOP having rules, but the administration of them should make logical sense and be consistent. In the some threads everyone must strictly stay on topic, but in The Real World thread they can have a 3 page discussion on whether gay-for-pay exists.

  17. Kim says:

    I have been posting on TWoP since its inception and hadn’t had any problems until recently. I got a warning for objecting to a few other posters homophobic posts. Apparently, this mod felt I was out of line for doing so. Then,a few months later my account was suspended for defending myself against another poster who was attacking me on my dislike of a particular celebrity. I bet they didn’t even get a warning. And there have been so many times where I have seen various posts that are homophobic in nature and they rarely get deleted. I’m honestly not sure I want to even go back when they finally do lift my suspension. It hardly seems worth it.

  18. swanpride says:

    I just got banned … I have to mention that I was a frequent poster at Twop for the last year or so. Meaning that I made hundreds of post there since I became a member. My current “warn level” was five, which to me, didn’t really look like very much if you compare it to the number of posts I made. It looks like even less when seeing my so called transgressions – three time becoming “Off-topic” (each time it was still about the show, but the mod though it wasn’t enough about the show, it’s not like I blalantly posted something with no connection at all), three times boards on boards (I don’t get it – sometimes making comments about the popularity of a character is bob, and sometimes it isn’t), one time spelling (not a native speaker here), one time using @ in a forum post (appearntly that counts as netspeak) and one time ending a sentences with “right?” (which appearantly was me trying to get the whole treat agree with me, and resulted in a suspension). And what got me banned? I used the word “Sorry” at the start of a post, forgetting that this was one of the “forbitten” words – but really, who can remember the long list of rules that well all the time?
    Well, one can see, I’m clearly a dangerous troll. I admit, I’ll miss some of the people there, and some of the discussions. I certainly won’t miss the nitpicking. And I’m wondering: All the warns I got were from the same two mods, in more or less the same threads, even though I posted in a couple of different topics all over the board. I con’t believe that I just happen to break the rules there, but not everywhere else. So, who is controlling the mods? Why isn’t there a place to appeal a suspension or a ban (I get that it would be way too much work to look into each warnings, but if one use catches the ire of a mod, he is more or less chancenless).

  19. Wow. ‘Tis amazing that the stories just go on and on. I’m just wondering that perhaps TWOP loves the negative publicity. Gee whiz. Sorry that you guys had to go through that. It’s funny how a forum as popular as TWOP treats the people who made their forums popular and great in the first place like trash.

  20. Keith Ellis says:

    I found this, too, via the Wikipedia page references — which I looked at specifically because I was hunting for websites discussing the criticism of TWoP. I’m disappointed that there’s not anything more comprehensive and centralized.

    Anyway, what annoyed me was that I’ve only lurked there for a couple of years but I still find that the moderation annoys me. In this case, it was a message posted in the Downton Abbey thread by the mod that sounded like a particularly obnoxious kindergarten teacher scolding the children. In the very most extreme cases, I can imagine that this tone could be appropriate to take with adults. But not in this case and, more to the point, this is the default attitude that these mods have with regard to the community. They act like borderline abusive parents/teachers and the community ends up acting like borderline abused children — which is to say, people end up commenting defensively and fearfully; being obsequious, overcautious, and always fearful of unpredictable mod behavior.

    I’m well aware of how difficult it is to control and weed-out the small minority of users that will easily poison the interactions of an entire community. TWoP’s moderation is very much on the heavy-handed side and I find it entirely reasonable to take that direction as a deliberate and thoughtful tack in cultivating a certain kind of high-quality, low-conflict/low-noise discussion. But they go beyond this; or, rather, arguably what they’ve done is to take a short-cut of being more arbitrarily authoritarian and unpredictable — the former substituting for the harder work of enforcing strong rules fairly and consistently; the latter perhaps intentionally creating a climate of fear and intimidation such that simple use of force, and the fear of it, substitutes for respect of authority. Or, most likely, the precedent for an abusive authoritarian style was established at the outset by the founders and they and those who’ve followed have wrongly believed that the proof of moderate success (and undeniable success at restraining trollish, disruptive behavior) demonstrate the correctness and necessity of this kind of moderation. But they could achieve the same result with less of the abuse, but with some more work and respect for and empathy with the community.

    Full disclosure: I’ve been banned I guess three times over many years, and like others here where it’s not that I’ve had any long history of accumulating warnings, but more that after a year or so of commenting without incident, somehow I ran afoul of a particular mod and everything goes south at one time. The funny thing is, now that I’ve regularly lurked TWoP for more than a year as a non-member and, of course, not participating, I’ve found that, as I mention above, I find the moderation no less annoying and sometimes infuriating. It’s clearly not just when I’m on the bad end of the mod stick; as an uninvolved third-party, I still find myself very upset at the mods. Because, well, they’re far too often egregiously jerks.

  21. Rita says:

    I recently found out about TWoPs “no ignore” policy – you can’t block users whose posts you don’t want to see. That’s crazy. Every other message board I’ve ever been to allows this, and yet they have their ignore feature disabled because it violates their “15 pages or 15 days rule” (which is a crazy rule in itself – before you post, you either have to read back 15 pages OR 15 days, whichever one is longer…)

    I only found out about it because some asshole on the board was belittling a certain sexuality, as well as making gross comments about women. I wanted to block him. I couldn’t. WTF? I don’t know when this policy came about, because I have people from before on my block list. I know I can skip over the post of this person by myself, but a lot of times I don’t read the usernames of the posters.

  22. Rebecca Hewitt says:

    Does anyone read this site anymore? I got banned by TWoP Tennison on Monday, for asking why I had not been reinstated after a ridiculous 2 day suspension (for responding to a Boards on Boards post.) Prior to that I had been a model member of the TWoP community until Tennison gave me 5 points (i.e. banning level) simply for objecting to his snarky tone with me. Nobody responds to emails at TWoP. Somebody named Strega@glumpish.com is supposedly the one in charge, but emails to that address have also been ignored. What makes me maddest is that I had stored personal conversations in my Personal Messenger that I cannot access. I have no way of contacting most of the friends I made through the forums, and these things mean something to me. I wish there was an alternative site where fans (occasionally hate/watchers!) can go to discuss what they are watching with other thoughtful members. Data Lounge is too snarky for my taste, and perhaps the polar opposite of TWoP in that it could actually use a tiny bit of moderation.

    I am dying to have a community with whom to discuss The Killing, which has its finale episode this Sunday. Damn….little dictators with their tiny kingdoms of power. That is exactly what some of the TWoP moderators amount to, and perhaps I’m better off without the aggravation.

  23. zumpie says:

    Wow, Rebecca—you and I lead parallel lives! Tennison had actually always seemed pretty hands off and willing to let things slide….but yesterday I received a warning point for “readability” because the nicknames I used were too “in jokey”. Now never mind that I had been using one of them for months, that I’ve created nicknames for years on the boards (and even had Jacob pinch them in one of his recaps, with thanks), no this gets not a note, but a warning point.

    I asked politely (probably a big mistake) and fully agreed to comply. Received a completely bullshit response (that it was confusing for the newer posters—uh, if they followed the beloved 15/15 rule, it wouldn’t be), but complied. I then reported a new poster for rudeness (which they were) twice and was permanently banned for “revenge reporting”. Apparently this poster had complained about one of the nicknames because it offended their favorite character. And I was banned.

    Unfortunately, this was over Once Upon a Time, so I can’t discuss your show with you. And like you, there are other posters I’d enjoy contacting, I liked their comments, etc. I’ve emailed the various sources, but I can’t access anything. Or even read any posts or log out.

  24. Bob says:

    I’ve just stopped posting in threads that I’ve received warning points. In the “other tv show forums” it’s impossible to tell who is moderating what, and the rules are so wildly inconsistent from thread to thread. I got knocked for warning point for the “boards on boards,” that was liked by 11 people. So it doesn’t matter if people enjoy reading your posts.

    I like talking about shows for the most part, but I have to seriously limit myself. I thought this site was to bitch about shows you watch, back in the mbtv days it was vicious. But if you’re on a thread where most people like a show and you don’t, then you get a warning.

  25. Oh well says:

    After reading the blog and all the comments I’m starting to think:

    A) There is really just one big, delusional, narcissistic and deeply unhappy moderator who is playing their own version of 50 Shades of Grey with the unwitting membership

    B) Whoever “Mod” is, the whole game plan is to get rid of a member after a couple of years, once Mod feels the posts are getting stale.

    C) They do enjoy reading the wailing and crying when people are arbitrarily banned. They pop open some wine and cackle reading the comments talking about how much TWOP sucks.

    D) Then they write another recap which is *longer than the actual show* and ban some more people.

  26. Bob says:

    No, I think there’s more than one mod because the warning messages I got were clearly from different people. Plus the site is way too big for one person.

    I stopped reading the recaps because they’re far, far too long and not as clever as they think by a half. I think the mods are primarily aspiring writers, and they have to mod as part of the job. They probably don’t really care about moderating so they just probably arbitrarily assign warnings based on whatever mood they’re in, which is usually pissy. Maybe one warning I had was legit. The others clearly lacked any context. They’re huge on their 15 days/15 pages rule, but don’t do it themselves.

    It’s ridiculous that there’s a byzantine amount of rules but they’re applied so arbitrarily. I could buy that they just ban people after a while though.

  27. Bob says:

    Here’s a gem: “I’m giving you a warning point because OnDemand episodes are spoilers, but I don’t know if anything in your post was referring to the aired episode or the OnDemand episode.”

  28. Oh well says:

    Was joking about one mod at TWOP. Sadly there are several individuals, but the BDSM/Stanford experiment atmosphere permeates them all. Poor reading comprehension and social skills also seem to be a prerequisite. I do think they get off on their little power trip. I’ve never seen a site like it anywhere else online for the ego tripping moderators. I don’t think Bravo cares as long as the site gets traffic. If you want things to change there, don’t even go there to read. My only regret is I contributed to traffic there. The person I got banned over disagreeing with was an obvious sock puppet troll. I was there for years with thousands in rep points. They kept the obvious sock puppet troll who had erased what they pooped out on the forum.

    I think Jacob is the worst one but it hardly matters. I think that site really does create abusive moderators and timid members. Eventually one cracks and oh my god NO they forget to write “in my opinion.” The unevenness of their moderation is a joke, except that it results in arbitrary banning. I do think they gossip amongst themselves and decide who they are sick of. Once you get a warn from Jacob he will bird dog you until you are gone. The reason people gripe about the site is that it’s traumatizing to suddenly lose your daily online community after being there for years. To add to the insult they make sure to talk to you as if you are a child, on the way out. There is absolutely no chance to explain anything. So nothing changes, because there is a total power imbalance. They are also hypocrites, who break their own rules. Don’t send a rude PM? But they can!

    • zumpie says:

      I couldn’t possibly agree more with all of this. The only exception is that, honestly, Jacob was always really nice to me—because he liked what I nicknamed characters, ironically what largely led to my being banned (I was first warned about this by Tennison, even though I’d done it for 13 years, Then I was banned for “revenge reporting” for reporting the troll who reported me over nicknames for trolling was “revenge reporting”).

      That said, I’ve subsequently found tumblr to be a lot more fun and less constrictive anyway. Of course, I’m probably feeling that way because I “came out” about my TWoP ban last night—and a follower told me they seriously largely read TWoP for my posts! Supremely flattering, that.

      I’m sure I could start a new account, but honestly, while I do still lurk, it’s so very much same conversation, by the same 5-10 people, that honestly what’s the point? There IS other fandom and now, I don’t even feel embarrassed about my ban!

      • tam1MI says:

        After what I have recently learned about the TWoP forums, I wear my ban as a badge of honor now…

  29. Bob says:

    This is all correct [imo lol]. I stay on the smaller “other” threads. I have for years. Probably since Battlestar Galactica was on. Because if you’re not singing the praises of the recaps, and I just don’t have time to read them because they weren’t that great, then forget it. So I comment only on the “other” shows, and even then, only the low rated ones. No more Mentalist. They only want to talk about one topic, and if you’re interested in opening new discussion, forget it, you get reported.

    When Farscape was being aired every year they’d say, “Farscape is finally getting a major thread” instead of like the single ones for the Mentalist, for example. And we’d go “yay” and then they’d tell us to fuck off. So, it’s been like that for a while. I still think, like I said before, that they must just randomly issue warnings to show that they’re “moderating”. I mean, I’m getting knocked for spoilers when the mod didn’t even watch the show, and I didn’t post any to begin with. This happened on Real Time where the mod said, “don’t talk about x if it wasn’t on the show.” Someone said, “They actually did a whole segment on x.” It’s like wtf?

    Honestly, if you can’t read comments on a message board and tell when people are giving their opinion, which is all that people are doing and have to constantly type in “imo” 5 times in a post, it’s the mods failing. Plus, you don’t know who is moderating which of the “other” threads.

    I don’t understand why there’s reputation points if they don’t count for anything. I got a warning on a comment that had 11 points. Which was the sum total of posters participating in the discussion.

    I check in once/twice a day. What I like is that you can post long commentary, and searching the “other” threads has turned up some hidden gems of shows. I’d actually post in Game of Thrones or True Blood because I do like the shows but it’s not worth the hassle of having to look over my shoulder every time I want to make a comment or have to type, ymmv, imo, fwiw 20 times.

    My favorite are the sports threads because the mods bitch and whine about only posting about “sports broadcasts” but not sports themselves. Which is impossible.

  30. Anna Stamp says:

    I ended up here because I searched ‘hate jacob twop’ and found a long list of sites dedicated to this topic. I have never commented in any of the forums there, I always just used it for funny recaps of shows I loved–to catch up, or see if anyone else agreed with something I was thinking. Now this fool Jacob recaps a bunch of shows (and ruins them all) and also appears to be a bully to the community that still supports the site. Apparently the only solution is to just never go to the site again. I’ll miss American Horror Story recaps (non-Jacob, thanks) but its a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  31. tam1MI says:

    I found out, somewhat to my shock, that some of TWoPs forums are “blessed” with a person who uses the handle “Scorpiosrule” and is known elsewhere on the web as “TWoPs Number-One Snitch”. Apparently this person bombards the moderators with complaints about other posters if said posters disagree with her opinion on – well, anything. (When the site’s report function went wonky at one point, she put up posts that she couldn’t report as much as she wanted). Also apparently this person is tight with all the mods so that if you cross her in any way, large or small, you will catch a banhammer. I had thought that TWoP was a place where all opinions were allowed to be aired in a spirit of friendly debate but I have discovered otherwise! Be warned, anyone who wants to post on TWoPs forums, it’s not just the Nazi moderators you have to watch out for, but their capos as well!

  32. TWOP is a cult I left says:

    Yes I too was ben. I have found other better communities. The only real solution to TWOP’s assery is not to hit the URL at all. I wish someone would make a website where people can have normal conversations without IMO YMMV like people said above. I think the mods have some type of problem we are not privy to. I can only guess. Mental health issues? Substance abuse issues? I don’t know. But their behavior is that of rage a holic narcissistic bullies. Bravo gave the loonies the keys to the asylum. People just wanna talk about Tv. It is not that serious.

    I went to reddit and there was a mod there using all the TWOP lingo. Her post history was crazytown. And she looooved to ‘ben’ users. I would bet a dollar she is a TWOP mod or was once.

    I’m so glad to be ben from TWOP. Like all of you it was something so minor that I had to laugh. I too wear it with pride because their PM to me was like a crazy person’s rant. OK then…if that is your standard I don’t want to be there. Someone needs to make a site to replace it though. Bravo will only pay attention or do something if the site loses money.

    To the Mods you are just unpaid staff. You are there to create traffic. Their rules are so stupid. Don’t hit the URL don’t join again just spread the word how nuts they are. They love the attention negative or not. True narcissists.

    • TWOP is a cult I left says:

      I meant ‘to the Mods the members are unpaid staff there to create traffic.’ It read like ‘the Mods are unpaid staff.’ No unfortunately someone thinks they are worth a salary.

  33. TWOP is a cult I left says:

    btw i remember that name scorpiosrule. wonder if that is what happened. well the Mods also have sock puppet alternate accounts. another rule that does not apply to them.

  34. Bob says:

    The site is going down.

  35. Turkish says:

    They just permanently banned me for inappropriate language. Apparently as a black person myself I am still not allowed to call anyone a “Nigga” affectionately. There is a difference between “a” and “er” btw. Ha! Ha! Ha! The whole damn board shuts down in a day! What was the point of the mods loosing their shit over that, honestly?

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