Television Without Pity : Nazi moderators = zero response from Bravo = zero business sense

Just got banned from Television Without Pity forums by a moderator named TwoP Bayliss. My crime? Telling him off for calling posters “weak”.

I wasn’t surprised that my post was deleted and I was banned right after that. (He sure works fast!) Bayliss, who apparently has a pretty notorious reputation (See here, here and here and God knows how many bazillion other posts) said that I was banned “by user’s hysterical request.”

(I later received an email from a TwoP member giving me the thumbs up and saying that she/he agrees with me and appreciated my post. Good on you! Now if everyone could en masse post naughty, against the rules (whatever the fuck they are) posts on the forum so that Bayliss will have a good workout clicking his mouse, It’d be much appreciated.)

Here are some comments from around the Internet about TwoP’s worsening reputation:

Yep, Television without Pity sucks. The biggest problem I find with the site now are the mods in the forums. Their reasons for banning/warning are draconian and completely arbitrary and petty, and if you have the audacity to question them in any way, it makes things all the worse for you. It’s become the case wherein I am afraid to post in their forums because you never know what sort of thing is going to piss off a mod and get you banned on any given day. – Ramon, commenter of the post, Bravo Sends Television Without Pity to hell.

The site’s attitude toward boardies is “there’s more where you came from.” The staff doesn’t care if it runs the place into the ground either; in their own minds, it’s a stepping stone to their future as the Next Big American Author. So it all results in an asylum being run by the lunatics. From Marjorie-Palimpsests’post.

I was banned also. I had a warning about using proper grammar and punctuation. I e-mailed them and told them I had a learning disability and wouldn’t post anymore. Instead of answering my e-mail I was banned. – Anonymous, Posters promoted to mods?

While the idea is a good one, in actuality the boards at TWoP are some of the most poorly moderated on the internet because there is no consistency and no clear guidelines, chiefly because the people running the board have contempt for the posters and that filters down to the individual moderators.

The mods have absolute power and no feedback mechanism to tell them if they are doing a good job or not because commenting on the moderating is against the rules and gets posters banned. Warns and bans are given for anything a mod feels like whether it’s against the board rules or not and there’s no way to let them know that what they’re doing is unfair or unwarranted. Sars doesn’t even bother to read the posts before she starts banning people. There is a sense among the people running the board that it doesn’t matter because the posters only idiots anyway. Eventually almost all the mods end up becoming bullies just because there’s nothing to stop them.

I’ve tried to post there many times because there are some clever posters, but I’ve always been defeated by the bad moderating. The best and most intelligent threads are the obscure shows where the moderators never go.- Mer, Bravo buys

I’ve always known that TwoP moderators are rather “warning-” or “banning-” happy. And they can ban you for the slightest, stupidest, weirdest reasons. And if they can, they’ll kick you in the nuts while they do it.

Here’s this: I truly do not understand why a business which depends on Internet visitors for traffic and thus ad revenue, would turn off their main customers by being downright rude and condescending to them. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but hey – if you piss off your customers, you lose revenue. Worse, many of these these customers end up BLOGGING about it. Like moi, see?

What makes TwoP so freaking great that they’re excluded from this steadfast rule about doing business? And why is it that parent company Bravo letting this slide despite the numerous complaints about TwoP moderator behaviour off and on the Internet? I can only conclude one thing: They have zero business sense.

Anyway, my saga is rather tiring to talk about, but after being banned  I was furious enough to write to the head moderator. (I know, apparently the head mod is as bad. Bleah.) And if that’s not all, Bayliss wrote a couple of condescending emails to me (once saying that I’ve “made a dramatic enough mess of this morning”), thinking he’d grind me with the heel of his digital boot. Uh-uh. You’re messin’ with a blogger who has to deal with numerous comments about her being not right with God and am on the straight road to hell. So I’m trained in snark, friend.

In the end of the funny email exchange (funny because I realise how much like a 2-year-old he was) I had to thank Bayliss for amusing me to no end.

I used to love TwoP to bits. I loved the fact that posters actually bother to capitalise when necessary, and that the “Oh, XX is so cuuuuute!” posts are at near zero. But now, with the moderator Nazis, TwoP has become the unfriendliest forum on the Internet. Give me the Gateworld Forums any day, where people do write in intelligent English and are allowed to let loose and be as fan-filled as they want.

Conclusion: WTF am I wasting my time at TwoP when I’ve other things to do and better sites to visit? And if Bravo loses money over the behaviour of their jerk-ass moderators, why the hell should I care? So here’s to you, Bravo: I’m ignoring you, TwoP and everything you generate. Up yours!

But wait, there’s a Part 2!

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58 Responses to Television Without Pity : Nazi moderators = zero response from Bravo = zero business sense

  1. Kim says:

    Sigh. I can’t believe how much traffic my little blog is getting solely due to my TWoP post. I miss the days of Mighty Big TV 😦

  2. Drama Queen says:

    I wasn’t around then, but it sounds nice … where mods actually, you know, moderate?

    • Quantum says:

      They weren’t partucularly moderate in the MBTV days either. Can’t say I’ll shed a tear for their business ending with a fail. As is obvious – the more you ban, the fewer will visit your site.

      • Quantum says:

        I appear to have spelled ‘particularly’ wrong – something which would have got me banned from their site no doubt…

  3. Drama Queen says:

    Isn’t it a good thing you’re getting traffic? 😉

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  5. primosprimos says:

    Hah! 62% of those who voted think Jacob (and his fellow Nazis) is a Nazi.

    However, after seeing what Jacob (‘Bayliss’, but only in his wet dreams) looks like on his MySpace (imagine having the nerve to include a PICture?), I can understand his anger.

    You KNOW why he’s angry.

  6. fadshion says:

    Came across your blog, 3 years late to your post, but it still holds true! The mods are awful, sometimes I post something and all of a sudden a few days later I receive a warning, my post has already been pushed down by other posts. It seems like they read every post and do ban for stupid reasons, I have stopped posting there now because every time I get into posting I receive some stupid warning or the other. Its too much, where is free will anymore. Methinks they do it to make their job secure, if they started banning only expletives where would the mods go. Clearly they have nothing else to do.

  7. missuspolly says:

    Here it is 2013, and I’d never heard of TwoP, but after spending a couple days reading the Hoarders thread, I was struck by how weirdly confrontational and scolding the tone of the mod was, and decided to see if anybody else had noticed.

    That would be a giant honking yes, evidently. What a peculiar culture for a site! I write for a blog with a regular community, and sometimes have to ban people, but jeebus, I’ve never seen anything like the contempt and draconian, arbitrary unpleasantness the commenters are subject to from the mods.

    Not registered there, never posted, don’t know any of the personalities. IOW, a neutral observer agrees with you heartily: TwoP doesn’t deserve its audience.

    A rival forum with clear rules and civil mods should be started forthwith! Good post, although sad that it’s still 100% accurate.

  8. Bob says:

    I got suspended from posting on the entire site for three days (?) for “repetitive” posting in one forum. I was conversing with a couple of other posters about the effects of showrunners have on a show by their commenting after an episode airs. There wasn’t any dedicated subforum for media topics so there’s like 5 or 6 different topics in the same discussion thread. I was told the point of posting wasn’t to “win.” I wasn’t even arguing anything! I was talking about how tv shows are made. I mean, come on.

  9. zumpie says:

    I just got permanently banned for “revenge reporting” another poster for being rude (which they were). What’s interesting is the same mod gave me a warning yesterday for “readability” because this poster had apparently objected to nicknames I was using for characters. I’ve posted there for over 10 years (and this poster was new) and can’t believe this.

    • Oh well says:

      Oh yeah don’t report another poster, or the mods will send you a snotty PM about “don’t report a poster, are you trying to do our job for us.” Well, then they should *remove the freaking rule that says report other posters.* Idiots.

      Then if you stop reporting (because really who wants to help them, anyway?) and “take it to PM” as most sane sites will recommend you do – they hate that too. They’d rather ignore a topic and let an obvious sock puppet who joined years ago, has two posts and suddenly comes out of the woodwork posting *exactly like the other one who was trolling the same topic* fuck the thread sideways. Because on their semi annual visits to a given topic, the mods are only reading with half an eye open anyway.

      You really are damned if you do and damned if you don’t over there. I think they actually prefer not to have any one person too active or there for too long. I also think if they see someone’s posts being responded to in a positive way they do fear for their jobs – as writers. Their recaps truly do suck.

  10. Oh well says:

    Banned…to be honest I don’t resent it. Someone trolled a thread HARD and my head kind of exploded and I sent them a WTF PM. Be aware the mods WILL read your PMs.

    • Oh well says:

      I still don’t resent the ban because I wouldn’t change anything I did – but I do resent the hell out of abusive people and the mods at TWOP abuse the membership.

  11. Oh well says:

    Oh and BTW for extra flavor the troll had already erased their work before I reported it. Nicely done, troll, I must say.

  12. Daniel G says:

    I was on the forums the other day discussing “Elementary”…three weeks ago, the show began a storyline where Sherlock Holmes’ methods have resulted in him becoming a bit of a “persona non grata” at the NYPD. The highlight of Holmes’ alienation was getting ignored by the one detective he admired and respected, Marcus Bell, who took a bullet that was intended for Holmes shot by a man who confronted Sherlock claiming his methods cost him his job.

    I won’t get into the details of the story since it’s not relevant. In any case, the discussion eventually seemed to break into two camps- one camp that thought the storyline was well done and natural and the other that thought the storyline was forced and misrepresented what actually happened.

    So we all dug in our heels and just went back and forth…it was actually quite a lively and entertaining discussion, and- from my vantage point anyway- the users seemed quite passionate about their positions but still respected each other, a rarity on the Internet (just today I was subjected to name-calling and belittlement by someone on Facebook for daring to challenge her friend’s opinion, who had the gall to say I had offended her friend despite the fact I did not say anything that attacked her personally).

    Anyway, I remember at one point in the discussion I thought that maybe we were all getting a little carried away, so I took charge and made a post trying to summarize what I thought were the positions taken and tried to get the discussion back on track. I also decided to restate my take on the matter because I thought it got lost in the milieu. Then the discussion resumed, back on track.

    Then I got a message today from a “Pemberton”, who told me I shouldn’t make posts summarizing positions, and then scolded me for parsing other people’s posts, breaking it down and responding to the post in that way. Then I was told that “this is not a debate class”, told me I was being argumentative and took me to task for simply defending my position multiple times, saying that I was “alienating” other users and that I’m not here to make others “see the light”. Pemberton also told me that I was telling other users they were wrong, when I did no such thing. Oh, and I got my first ever warning point on the forum, after just a year on the forums. Yay.

    I sat there and thought, “who are you to tell me that I can’t defend my positions”? On a discussion forum, debates are going to happen, and they happen all the time- in fact, lively debate is what *gets* people to visit forums in the first place. I was strong in my opinions, but so were many other people in that thread- it’s come to be expected, and if someone attacks a point I’m making, I’ve got *every right* to defend it; and saying I’m being “argumentative” is downright absurd- a forum is in the business of making arguments, so *of course* I’m going to be argumentative, we all will be. I always believe that so long as the discussion does not devolve into name calling and flamewars, then everything else is fair game. Everyone knows that you don’t post on a forum without expecting responses, and I’d like to think most Internet denizens are smart enough to understand that some of those responses will be negative. If someone is going to take it personally that I disagree with them- I have a strong suspicion someone reported me to the moderators- then they need to get off the Internet. If I can accept I’m not immune to criticism, then so should they.

    I thought about challenging the warning and going back to Television Without Pity, but, given the mods’ extensive history of pettiness, I don’t think there’s much of a point. I’ll probably just stick to reviewing the episodes of the shows I watch on my own blog- it needs some mileage anyway.

    • Bob says:

      Are you sure it wasn’t “Pembleton?” They’re notoriously picky and knocked me several times for something like this. Also, there’s no “appeal” to the warning points, so you’re SOL even if the warning is completely off.

      • Daniel G says:

        It was Pemberton…I just used the quotation marks to signify that the name of the person I was referring to was their user name, not their actual, given name (such as Peter or Eva).

        It frustrates me there’s no feedback system…it’s as if Bravo doesn’t care about its customers. So I’ll take note and not give them any money. I also decided I’ll just post on TWoP to be a dick…if they have no issues crossing the line, neither will I.

      • Oh well says:

        I don’t understand why no one mods the mods? If Strega is now their boss – god forbid. She banned me years and years ago for – OMG no – posting twice in a row. Instant ban. No appeals. Stupid me, to think that years and years later the site would’ve learned that is a stupid policy. I remember seeing her blog. She was talking about drinking and how much she hated her mother. Enough said.

  13. Daniel G says:

    I went to check the “Elementary” thread a few minutes ago and noticed this missive from the moderator named Howard. This is being quoted verbatim:

    (Actual link to the post:

    “I’ve deleted over a dozen posts that were repetitive, boards on boards, and testy. Because of that, and because it was more than just two posters, I am closing the thread until tomorrow evening. It will reopen at 7pm Central.

    Please keep in mind that this isn’t a debate or a court of law, and no one is going to “win.” Several of you are posting as if you think you can change the opinions of others if you just find the right way to say something, or say it often enough that others will get tired and give you the last word. That’s the wrong attitude to have here. And stick to sharing your own take on the show rather than question others’ take, or demand that they justify it. You can disagree with others and lay out your own opinion about the show without doing either of those things.”

    Yup. I really don’t know how you can disagree with someone else without questioning their opinion- a disagreement *means* you’re questioning their assertion. Plus, Howard didn’t seem to realize that many people in that thread weren’t just making opinions, they were stating things as fact- stuff that asks for justification.

    I already touched upon the “debate” part in my previous post, so I won’t get into that.

    The “boards on boards” bit came from a comment I made about the show having double standards for its characters, done by directly quoting and responding to a comment that highlighted this occurrence on the show (both comments have since been deleted). Howard sent me a warning thinking that I was referring to other posts on the forum, who were saying the characters had double standards. Howard obviously didn’t bother to read my post and realize that I was doing no such thing- but, then again, why should I think the moderators actually would want to take the time and do things the right way?

    Not to mention the irony of Howard saying that we can’t tell others to justify their positions when there’s no way for us to ask him to justify his.

    Gotta wonder how great the user turnover is with actions like this.

  14. Bob says:

    “Boards on boards” is the catch all for the mods to shut everything down when a thread becomes too active because they don’t feel like keeping up. Those “other tv show” threads are all one long thread so there’s no sub categories. Plus, no one knows who moderates which thread so the “rules” are wildly subjective.

    You quote what someone has posted, then you respond to it. But if it’s too strongly worded, it’s boards on boards. Or you’re trying to “win.” We got warned for that on one of the threads and the mod hadn’t even watched the show! And don’t even think about asking a mod to clarify their comments!

    I got knocked another time because I was talking about how showrunners ruin their shows by talking about the actual show too much with someone else. But because there were only two of us talking at the time, I got hit. If there was a dedicated “in the media” sub forum it wouldn’t have happened. So I got suspended from posting for 3 days. And guess what, in the ensuing time when the show aired, everyone else ended up making the same comments I was originally discussing.

    I got scolded for trying to “win,” which is inane and ridiculous. If I’m talking about something on a show with someone and they respond, then I do, then them, it’s called a conversation. We’re just talking about something.

    You know, it’s like in sports. If someone fouls you really hard and the ref doesn’t see it and you retaliate, then you get disciplined. I don’t bother posting in a thread if I got a warning anymore because I feel like they’re watching me with more scrutiny. I like talking about tv shows, but it’s not worth it.

    • Daniel G says:

      I agree with the sports analogy, Bob…it’s so appropriate. There’s no benefit of the doubt, just assumptions.

      I’m of the mindset that you don’t warn/ban someone for breaking the rules unless it’s clear that they’ve broken them. Howard’s warning message to me came with an acknowledgement that I “may” have meant to refer to the show itself and wasn’t actually discussing “boards on boards”- in which case, if you can’t show “conclusive evidence” (to borrow from NFL commentator Chris Collinsworth) that someone has broken the rules, then it’s safe to assume that they haven’t. Courts of law and the police are held to that standard for a reason- TWoP should be too.

    • Oh well says:

      “Boards on boards” is another absolutely ridiculous rule. How can you have a conversation and not mention the fact that you are having a conversation, or on a forum, or in a discussion, and so on. It’s like walking a tightrope inside a phone booth. What are they so afraid of? Is it some big secret that everyone there is posting on a message board? I don’t understand that rule at all.

      Obviously if someone says “you are all full of shit,” that’s rude, but often they penalize someone for merely mentioning the boards. You can’t mention that a show has fans, you can’t mention this and that and the other. I don’t think they care if the membership is happy, or has a hard time during their stay, or is unfairly banned. They don’t care at all. What they care about is a clean easy to read board, so their traffic stays high. As to the membership TWOP’s attitude is “there is more where you came from,” as someone else put it. Unfortunately there is.

  15. Bob says:

    Or even the randomness of moderating in the same thread. The same incident that gets a warning should always get one, no? Not vary from post to post?

  16. Taylor says:

    I just joined 5 days ago and just got a warning for posting a fact about something that happened on a show. The Mod sent be warning claiming I should not post an opinion as fact. What I posted was a fact, not an opinion. I know the difference. I didn’t even use the word “fact” in my reply. The board I was on is known to be against the truth when it comes to certain things because it goes against what they want to believe. I guess I maybe getting banned soon.

    • Oh well says:

      “Don’t post opinion as fact” is so unevenly applied there. Sometimes, as you say, there’s no other way to state it, if it IS an indisputable fact. Doesn’t mean you’re trying to be snotty. What it really means is “don’t *have* an opinion” and sometimes “don’t have an opinion I, the omnipotent Mod, disagree with.”

      People are allowed to say all sorts of rude things about groups and it’s overlooked, but state a fact that’s actually a fact and you can get banned. It’s farcical. It’s just frustrating the site is the largest and so it attracts the largest group of posters. People keep joining because they don’t know or don’t believe the bad stuff about it. Then they learn the hard way.

      I’m just glad I don’t have to preface every single thing I say with “in my opinion” any more – as if anyone reading who’s above age five wouldn’t automatically assume that what I write *is my opinion.* Who else’s would it be?!

  17. Bob says:

    Because mods don’t know how to read for the most part. Or they just skim over posts because they can’t read them all in great detail. I wonder if they have to give out warnings every so often to show they are “moderating” effectively.

    I’ve gotten “opinion as fact” before because my writing [posting] is demonstrative and clear because I write technical papers. So I tend to have to insert “imo” several times per post which makes it ridiculous to read, and include “on the show, in the second act, the actor said this and this,” etc., and be overly precise.

    What bugs me is that there isn’t any appeal process. I know it wouldn’t be fair for everyone to appeal everything, but a reasonable system could be put in place. If you stated an actual fact, then it’s not your fault it got misunderstood. You should at least be able to contest that. Some warnings are temporary and some aren’t. There’s no way of knowing which are which either.

    • Taylor says:

      To continue posting I had to except the warning. Even though what I said was a true fact. I’ve heard TWoP was bad, but I had no idea how bad it was. I’ve seen some pretty nasty posts about characters and actors/actresses, but it’s the tame posts that get warnings and deleted.

    • Oh well says:

      They are like really bad professors with tenure. No one’s censuring them, so they do as they please. I don’t think they read most topics. I think they skim it and I think they start singling out people they decide they dislike. I know one site where the mods gossip in the mod forums about the members. I would bet any amount of money the TWOP mods do that too. That’s why you will hear about people suddenly getting swarmed by mods until they are gone. Unfortunately as long as the site gets traffic, in spite of the mods not because of them, the owners won’t care. Can’t they at least change their extremely outdated rules? I mean have you ever seen rules longer than that, anywhere? I thought when they updated their site they did away with the warning system or I would never have joined.

      • zumpie says:

        Can you provide a link to that site? You know, for science

      • Oh well says:

        Zumpie why do you not have a reply link under your post?

        Were you talking to me and which site would that be? I’ve only mentioned TWOP in my post. That’s the same site everyone’s talking about. It’s the topic of the blog post above.

      • Oh well says:

        Oh I see. And hell no.

      • Oh well says:

        Zumpie, ‘science’ would not be gratified anyway. If you are not a mod there – you can’t see its mod forums. But I have a feeling you knew that.

  18. Oh well says:

    I think the 15/15 rule should apply to mods, too. It is so obvious some forums go unvisited for weeks. People were discussing how they wipe their ass in the House Hunters topic for three pages. Other times someone will post and start something and then go back and delete or change it all. If the mod isn’t going to read the topic daily to see what is really going on they should not moderate it at all. 15/15 is ridiculous by the way. In some fast moving topics they can spend 15 pages just talking about what someone wore. By the end of 15 pages the reader is asleep.

    Got a warn for a me too post. It was not a me too post for anyone who has a reading comprehension level above first grade. Doesn’t matter. Not only a permanent warning swiftly followed by a ban, but a big heap of sarcasm and venom served up with it. TL;DR version: They’re just assholes, let’s face it. They are lucky to work at a website which has no competition, and I wish someone would start a competing website, just so the asshole mods would be on the bread line. If they were not such assholes or if their rules made sense or were applied evenly it would be another story. I read the posts of all the intelligent people they have abused and I get angry.

  19. cat says:

    Sigh… I’ve gotten warnings in the past for “boards on boards” or not writing a long enough comment which is somehow a rule. Today I’ve finally been suspended. I replied to a commenter using a catchphrase frequently used by someone who appears on the show. A moderator banned me because apparently they weren’t aware that I was making a reference and told me off for acting like a moderator by rebuking another commenter for being rude. I agree that there should really be an appeal feature because they don’t really know what they’re doing. The most innocent comments get warnings while people can post the most vile, hateful things without punishment.

    Every time I’ve gotten a warning I’ve thought about just giving up on the site but I really enjoy talking to some people on certain boards so I guess I’ll continue to put up with this abuse.

  20. The Mighty Peanut says:

    Nice to see nothing has changed since 2008. I’m currently riding out a four day suspension from TWOP Tennison for spoiler tagging 4 words (“since ____ is lying”) in the Walking Dead. I was “quoting source material as fact despite repeated stickies”, apparently. This is after 14 years on the site with 2 warnings. Guess I should count my blessings. I can’t think of any other job where you can openly antagonize clients.

    • zumpie says:

      At least it was just 4 days, as opposed to the permanent ban she gave me. Though it led me to tumblr, which is a lot more fun, anyway. She’s just a full on bitch.

  21. The Mighty Peanut says:

    True, and luckily I was only signed in on my work computer. Once I got home I just perused the forum with my iPad without bothering to make another account, so I was able to look at the Supernatural thread even though I am still technically in time out. TWOP is such a weird phenomenon. All I want are the organized forums minus the part where the boardies are treated like children if, God forbid, they skim over one of the countless arbitrarily created and enforced rules — in this case turning the fact that The Walking Dead is based on a comic into a boards-on-boards type of deal where we treat the series’ entire inspiration as a big secret.

    • tam1MI says:

      I just found myself banned by a “Nazi moderator” at TWoP for – get this – not referring to a soap opera actor in flattering enough tones. Like the Mighty Peanut, I had been a denizen of the site for almost a decade, but the fact that I had posted on numerous threads with numerous different moderators with zero problems mattered not in the end. Oh, well. I’m off to a forum where the moderators act like moderators, not attack dogs for their favorite actors.

  22. TWOP is a cult I left says:

    There is no appeal processs because the Mods think they are right even if they are wrong. That type of ego should never be in charge of anything.

    Try explaining to any of them they misunderstood your post or intention. You’ll get worse. They are bullies with ban hammers is all that they are. I have yet to see anyone actually praise the moderation there. Moderation has a double meaning. It does not apply to that site. They are heavy handed. Not moderate.

    So an appeal system would do no good. A good mod doesn’t need one. They take their ego and personality and dislikes out of the process. TWOP mods do the opposite. If you do not reflect their personality and opinion and lingo you will end up banned eventually. They don’t care how long you were there. They don’t care you helped build the site. People read the site because of the comments.

    So don’t help the abuse cycle perpetuate. Stop reading TWOP completely. Make a site to compete with it. That’s the only way. People have complained about TWOP mods for years. No one listens.

  23. EscapedTWoPwithMyBalls says:


  24. Grumpy Cat Says 'Good.' says:

    For me, the banhammer hit some time during the first G. W. Bush Administration. My poison was the “Amazing Race” boards, second and third season. One day, out of nowhere, ban. A reason was not forthcoming (and none was apparent), and, so far as I’m aware, it has never been lifted. For a while, I attempted to appeal, and then I realized what was happening. “You’re trying to be reasonable to a brick wall. Aren’t there better things you could be doing?” I discovered that the answer was yes, literally everything else I have done, ever since.

  25. cat says:

    I’d just like to point out to everyone that we all found out today that TWoP will be shutting down very soon.

    • tam1MI says:

      …and there was much rejoicing!

      There’s a movement afoot online for everyone who has been mistreated by TWoP over the years to go back on to the forums on May 31 (their last day) and give the shitty moderators a piece of their mind. I gotta say, I am sorely tempted to join in…

      • zumpie says:

        I’m currently banned, but I guess I could create a new account if I felt like it. If I knew Tennison’s email, I’d just tell her off directly

  26. Taylor says:

    TWop is going to the great big internet in the sky. Yeah, TWoP was great back in the day, but it has gone straight to hell in recent years. I posted last year about my new membership. Maybe more folks will tell their TWoP horror stories.

    • zumpie says:

      What’s hilarious is I was just lurking there earlier today. They’re all sooooo weepy about it and I think it’s pretty pathetic. I got over being banned in a day and have waaaay more fun on tumblr, now. One of the recappers says she can’t stop sobbing about it. Dude, you’ve only recapped for maybe 2 years and they only paid you like $200 a week to do it. Just publish your “insights” on social media and suck it up!

      Anyone know the exact reasons behind Universal shutting it down?

      • Taylor says:

        I read something about NBC not getting anyone to buy it, so it has to shut it down. Another site is also getting shut down along with TWoP. I think it’s a celebrity gossip site. It also could not be sold along with TWoP.

      • zumpie says:

        Yeah, I’ve hear that too…but it makes zero sense! They chose to buy it, they made all these improvements and upgrades (which admittedly didn’t work half the time, but still). So did they buy it to sell it? That makes even less sense.

        Or did it lose $$$ because they kept chasing off the posters who made and kept it fun and snarky, thus turning it into a blah, boring forum no one really cared about

  27. abc says:

    I got warned today because … well of course, because I’m a bad-bad person! In all of my life I’ve never been warned on a board, never even been asked to “tone it down” as some have. On TWOP, I’ve been warned 3 times. Each time I just sign up as a new personna. No wonder the same 7 people always post there. They’re the only ones who manage to get past the stupidity of the “moderators” I thought about signing up again as someone else, but then I thought, gee, who effing even cares! I am jumping up and down with glee that these idiots will be out of a job soon. And sorry idiot TWOP moderadors, Nazi moderation is not exactly a sellable skill. It is the opposite of “customer service”.

    Forum participants from TWOP are moving to PreviouslyTV, a forum created by the original creators of TWOP. Hopefully the move will be good for human beings.

  28. Rose White says:

    I just got banned too (again). I got banned once for the “boards on boards” thing, and most recently for calling a person who is on the show a naughty word, which is apparently a “call out.” I have no idea what that even means, as we use bad words to describe people on that forum all the time, but okay. Here is the thing: the site is shutting down in a month. I cannot figure out why they still care. And why would you not want me to visit your website and get the ad revenue? I makes zero sense to me. I have seen the mods shut down a board because it was “getting out of control.” Huh? I mean, don’t you WANT people to be visiting the site 10 times a day to post in a lively thread?

  29. Turkish says:

    Well, they just “permanently banned” me on the last fucking day the forum is open. Seriously, what was the point of that? You are on that much of a power trip that you can’t have a sense of humor about it and ease up on the last day. For real? I’m glad you are out of a job now.

  30. Thoughts 2 says:

    Lol are you kidding me. They were banning people right up until the last day? Way to stand for what is inane, TWOP.

  31. missuspolly says:

    What a weird place TwoP was. And who are the all-powerful mods today? Nobodies!

    • HornetKick says:

      I found this thread really, really, late but on the very last day, I posted (snip, snip my a s s ) good riddance.

      Of course I was banned (on the last day, huh?), but it certainly felt good.

  32. Joe Solarte says:

    Two things are irrefutable- that the moderators at TWOP had a lot to do with driving away a lot of good people that might have kept them viable. So good job there, mods!

    And it is irrefutable that AFTERBUZZ TV put TWOP out of business. I know after my experience on the message boards, I would never read ANYTHING BY ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH TWOP ever again. And when Afterbuzz came along with a much better medium of podcasts to deliver recaps on shows, it was infinitely better. The recappers at Afterbuzz are far more nicer and congenial. I can communicate with them on Twitter or other media about parts they are wrong on. They take in good stride. It blew TWOP out of water!

    Most of the TWOP were marginal writers at best, and most of them are so ugly in real life that Afterbuzz would never let them dirty their product by giving them a forum there!

    Good riddance to TWOP and all whom moderated there!

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